Rider Waite

I bought my first pack of Rider Waite Tarot in Norwich, UK, back in 1972. I still have that pack, though it's rarely used now !

It's always been my favourite because the great thing with this deck ( whether the Standard, Universal or Original version ) is that every card has a picture which says something to you straight away even if you know nothing about the Tarot. The artist, Pamela Coleman Smith, was among other things a painter if stage backdrops and used to portraying scenes which literally set the stage.

The real miracle however is that although the pictures seem so ordinary there is a wealth of esoteric symbology there for those who want to futher the study of themselves and hence others through the mirror of the Tarot.

Most Tarot decks only have the one book about them, but because of it's huge world wide popularity there are many books based on this Rider Waite deck.