What's in a name ?

Hi guys and  hope you're all doing well. In Victoria of course we're still in total lock down watching the virus peter out naturally as they all do. No need to panic ! But at least this quiet time allows for a bit more introspection. For me I finally realised what an obsessive person I can be. But wait ! Obsessive personalities tend to get bad press. So I renamed it 'Focused Enthusiasm' which made me feel much better. For sure this personality trait of excessive enthusiasm led to a disastrous series of relationships but hey, when applied to Crystals it's a big plus ! If there's something bugging you just contemplate giving it another name.
Renaming the virus won't make it go away of course, but information flooding in from around the world points out that it is dying out naturally. With or without Lock Down. So we can at least subtract the Fear element from and see it in a proper perspective.
Back at the Heart it's business as usual ~ except we can't let customers into the Shop. So we expanded click and collect to " Real Time Window Shopping " If you see something you like in the Window, just click on the door and we'll serve you :-)
Meanwhile I've been busy uploading.
Firstly a lot of new beautiful Chakra Pendants