Amber Ring, Baltic, Large Freeform Nugget, 925 Silver, j5


Genuine Baltic Amber Freeform Nugget Ring | 925 Sterling silver
Lovely LARGE Amber Nugget that has been polished to reveal the beauty of the interior. The reverse side is still rough.  Possibly mildly heated to clarify.
Formed during the Eocene period, approx 44 million years ago, Amber is very durable. Soft, warm and natural to the touch this legendary gem is famous for bringing luck, enlightenment and healing ( especially for breathing problems. ) It's also very popular to help babies through the pain of teething ~ we have special small bracelets in store for that purpose. Larger pieces like this also remind me just how much Amber can have a Regal Leo Energy.
Nugget 25 x 43 mm, height 22 mm, US Ring Size 9
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