Amethyst Pendant, Raw Vera Cruz Point, 925 Silver r5


Vera Cruz Amethyst Pendant | 925 Sterling Silver.
These Unique Natural Amethyst Points are nearly all found in Vera Cruz, though I have seen some rare samples from Italy.
The shape of a Vera Cruz Amethyst is more like a clear Quartz crystal with long parallel sides ~ these stones are individually formed rather than growing in clusters.
This unique crystal is a twin, or perhaps a Siamese Twin because alongside the larger crystal grows another double terminated Amethyst point so although it is a Twin, growing at the same time, it is still very indepndant.
Some fascinating inclusions. 
The faces are very clean and sharp. They also have horizontal markings which do hint at Lemurian energy, though to me they're not sufficiently clearly defined. Nevertheless these bright Amethysts, full of Light, do have an air of Ancient Wisdom.
They possess a delicate violet shade as the Amethyst vibration melds with with the higher consciousness of Clear Quartz to both raise and soften the vibration.
The simple Cap Setting in bright Silver holds the stone firmly whilst simply showing off it's natural beauty.
Stone 18 x 32 mm
Cost in Australian Dollars 129
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm Belcher chain, not supplied