Amethyst Ring, Faceted Round, 925 Silver pf4


Brazilian Amethyst Ring | 925 Sterling Silver 
Beautiful Amethyst, flawless except for some layered zoning you can only see from one angle. Beautifully faceted ~ looking into the stone from above it looks like a Mandala or cathedral Window.
Excellent craftsmanship from Paul's workshop ~ the stone is secured by partial bezels above and below, and then there are slots in the side and an open back so maximum light can sparkle through this beautiful stone.
The band has also been curved on the inside ~ this makes for a comfortable fit and also means you can fit a smaller size ~ for my size 8 finger this size 7.5 will fit comfortably. This is especially useful if you have large knuckles.
Amethyst is the Spiritual Stone, famous for it's calm balancing meditative and purifying properties,  but with it's gorgeous Royal Purple, its also has the ability to stimulate spiritual insights and changes.
Diameter 17 mm. US Size 7.5 , AUS Size O 1/2
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