Ametrine Pendant, Cabochon Oval, 925 Silver g3

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Ametrine Pendant | Oval Cabochon  | 925 Sterling Silver 
A paler shade than but still very good and more reasonable price. Nicely made simple Besel setting with hinged bail that looks classy and helps the pendant sit better on the chain.
Ametrine is a completely natural though rather rare combination Amethyst and Citrine. It all depends on the heat during formation. If that Temperature happens to fluctuate around 500 C. Below that you'll get Amethyst, above it, Citrine. So you can sometimes find crystals containing both stones.
Energetically this is a great combination. The Meditative calm consciousness of Amethyst forms a complimentary alliance with the go getting positive Citrine.
 Face 21 x 43 mm. Drop 60 mm
Displayed on a 45 cm by 1.2 mm snake chain, not supplied