Dalai Lama's Cat - Art of Purring


For all the lovers of the "Dalai Lama's Cat" this is the perfectly timed Christmas Gift !

What makes you purr? Of all the questions in the world, this is the most important … Because no matter whether you are a playful kitten or sedentary senior, whether you’re a scrawny alley Tom, or sleek-coated uptown girl, whatever your circumstances you just want to be happy. The deep down happiness that makes you purr from the heart.”His Holiness’s cat is back—older, a bit wiser, and as curious as ever. In this book, the Dalai Lama sets for his lovable feline companion the task of investigating The Art of Purring. Whether it’s the humorous insights gained from a visiting Ivy League Psychology Professor, the extraordinary research of a world-famous biologist, or the life-changing revelations of a mystical yogi, His Holiness’s Cat encounters a wealth of wisdom about happiness.

Third in this series is - " DALAI LAMA'S CAT & POWER OF MEOW "

First in this series is the  DALAI LAMA'S CAT