Black Star Sapphire Pendant | 925 Silver k3


Black Star Sapphire Pendant | Oval Cabochon | 925 Sterling Silver
 Also known as the "Star of India," this stone is not a true Sapphire but a form of Diopside which has a lovely sharp 4 pointed Star rather than the 6 points of true Sapphire. Black Star Diopside is a powerful stone in it's own right. The 4 pointed Star, like the 4 Elements, channels spiritual insight into the physical world. This is a stone of Action, but very much Right Action within the laws of harmony and Karma. Strong Mental focus for solving problems and achieving goals.
Lovely setting with wide Silver Filigree Border.
Stone 19 x 26 mm, Face 32 x 40 mm
Displayed on a 45 cm by 1.2 mm snake chain, not included
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* Face = Stone plus silver border  ** measurements accurate to 1 mm
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