Cavansite Ring, Raw Crystal in Stilbite, 925 Silver, s1


Cavansite Ring in 925 Sterling Silver.
A Rich Blue Cavansite crystal cluster sits in a Matrix ( lit: Mother Rock ) of white Stilbite. Nicely besel set with open back.
Cavansite is fairly soft, with a hardness of 3.5 ~ 4. Perfectly OK in a ring, but wear with care.
The extraordinary blue of Cavansite is the colour of Truth. It's very emotionally supportive and uplifting which enables the wearer to connect ( or reconnect ! ) with their own Higher Self and express that Truth. This enables you to regain your path and restore Harmony and Purpose. A wonderful stone. I wear mine whenever I feel the need to regain some more clarity.
Face  20 x 30 mm. US Ring Size 8, AUS P 1/2
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*** Face = Stone plus silver border
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