Chiastolite Ring, Oval Cabochon, 925 Silver r6

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Chiastolite Cabochon Ring | 925 Sterling Silver.
Chiastolite is a variety of Andelusite with a black cross running through the crystal ~ these are sliced and polished to create the Translucent Cabochons we use.
Nicely made with a strong besel setting, open at the back so the energies of the stone can mix with yours more freely.
The ban splits into two as it meets the face ~ a nice feature which makes for a more comfortable wear.
This is a great stone for protection, and a favourite  stone for travelling.  I find that placing my thumb on the centre of the cross invokes a cool pillar of energy running down through my crown and spreading outwards repelling any negative energies. Then I discovered that I could send positive energies out along the same channels. Sitting in a plane at take off I found myself sending little prayers for everyone to have a happy and safe flight. Strangely, I got much better service too :-)
Face 17 x 24 mm
US Ring Size 9 AUS Size R1/2
Cost AUD 129
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