Chrome Diopside Raw Nugget Ring, 925 Silver kr


Chrome Diopside Ring, 925 Sterling Silver  
Chrome is the famous element that lends a bright green to Emeralds, Tourmalines
and Garnets. Chrome Diopside is another alternative, somewhat less expensive.
It was quite rare until large deposits were found in Eastern Siberia in the 80s.
The stone is a touch too soft to be faceted, but we're getting more Jewellery made in this eye catching stone because I'm just in love with that vibrant bright green !!
This Raw Nugget is Bezel set with an open back to allow the energy to connect better, and the band has been handcrafted with an organic style.
Metaphysically this stone has a high Heart Vibration Energy, wonderful for energising and healing the Heart and any blocks held there. The bright Chrome Diopside energy clarifies a new inner relationship and commitment which will transform outer relationships too. This very creative stone also stimulates the intellect.
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