Citrine Ring, Faceted Teardrop, Special Cut, 925 Silver g6

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Citrine Ring, Faceted Teardrop, 925 Sterling Silver

Fine Quality this AAA Grade flawless Citrine. The mellow colour immediately made me think of Natural Citrine which I confirmed with the supplier.
This one has an unusual cut ~ the underside is ridged, reminding me of those rice paddies cut into the mountainside. This brings a whole new dimension to the light shining through the gemstone which I find very attractive.


The ring is made from a high quality 92.5% which gives a brighter finish and needs less cleaning. The gemstone is securely held with three small bezels. THis allows maximum light to sparkle through the stone.

Gemstones all have different vibrational healing qualities. I always liken the energy of Citrine to that of the Sun. It's energy is warm, abundant, stimulating, confident, and simply burns up any negative energy.

Why is is important to say that it's natural ? A lot of the Citrine you see around is Amethyst that has been heated to just over 500 degress C. Since this mimics a natural process that's OK, I just find heated Citrine has generally a brighter colour and sharper energy.
Face 11 x 15
  US Size 6,  AUS Size L1/2
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