KT Write up Dendritic Garden Quartz Pendant | 925 Silver kt2

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Dendritic Garden Quartz Crystal Pendant | 925 Sterling Silver
Really super example here of what are sometimes called pseudo fossils because they look so life-like. However those organic looking inclusions are actually manganese oxide which grows within the Quartz as it itself is being formed. Unlike the straight line highways of say Rutilated Quartz, here we see many changes of direction. Each change is a response to changing conditions during growth and metaphysically speaking represents a conscious changes in your own path according to changing situations. Rather than determined focus on one goal, this stone represents the Child of the Tao ~ flexibly dancing through life in response to it's changes, trusting the divine direction wherever it leads. In Dendritic Quartz, all those little choices in every moment are actually creating a beautiful pattern, though it may not be visible in that moment ~  and so it is in your own life. Garden Quartz then helps you develop a feeling of healing unity in your path, no matter how many changes in direction.
Face 25 x 54 mm drop 73 mm
Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm Belcher chain, not included
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