Ametrine Earrings, Faceted gemstones, 925 Silver

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Ametrine Earrings | Faceted Oval and Teardrop | 925 Sterling Silver 
For each earring, 3 beautiful faceted Ametrines are besel set in Sterling Silver in line. Safe Lever Hooks have been used ~ you don't want to lose one of these ~
Top Oval Stone is 10 x 14 mm. Drop is 60 mm
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Ametrine is a completely natural though rather rare combination of purple Amethyst and orange Citrine. It all depends on the heat during formation. If the Temperature is below 500 C you'll get Amethyst.  If above then you'll see Citrine. If the temperature happens to be fluctuating around 500 degrees then crystals containing both stones are produced.Energetically this is a great combination. The Meditative calm consciousness of Amethyst forms a complementary alliance with the go getting positive Citrine.