Libyan Golden Tektite Pendant with Amethyst, 925 Silver, r4


Libyan Gold Tektite Ring | 925 Sterling Silver
Classic Raw Nugget of this unusual stone. Bezel set in 925 Sterling Silver with open back. A small cabochon of Amethyst rests above.
Libyan Glass Tektite was created by Meteor Impact in a similar way to Moldavite ~  but here the Meteor came in at a lower angle and just grazed the desert sand below to create this lovely stone during it's passage. Where the Moldavite Comet hit the Earth Full on, this Comet more gently kissed it.
Although it's still transfomational like Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass has, as might be expected, a less confrontational effect.
The Golden Light works more on the sacral and power centres whist also having an objective mental energy.
This Tektite has a lovely soft golden healing energy that can download Universal Healing Programs.
Reconnect, enlighten, release, expand, move forward.

Face 23 x 24 mm
Cost AUD $199
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm 925 Silver Belcher chain, not included
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