Manifestation Quartz Pendant, Square Cabochon, 925 Silver kt3

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Pendant Manifestation Quartz, 925 Sterling Silver. 
Lovely Square Manifestation Quartz Cabochon with a small but very clear included crystal in the centre,
The slightly concave surface cleverly magnifies the inclusion, whilst the deep bevels on the reverse further frame it.
This is a thoughtful piece from Julios' workshop using strong 925 Sterling Silver. The bail is also a step up from more generic versions.
Manifestation Quartz is a rare formation where another Quartz Crystal is fully enclosed within a larger one. It's easy to think of the larger quartz as the Mother, but in face the smaller quartz was probably fully formed first then enclosed during later geothermal activity. Perhaps this is the key to it's name ~ the originally formed quartz, that which you were born with, manifesting a larger version. As Inside so Outside.
Ideally the inner crystal should be completely enclosed but these are extremely rare especially in small gems. Here the inner Crystal grows inwards from the edge. It still formed first but with the base planted in a cluster so that there's only one point to be enclosed.

Face is 21 x 23 mm approx
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 Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm Belcher chain, not included
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