Meteorite Ring, Nickel Iron, 925 Silver r1

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Meteorite Ring | 925 Sterling Silver
Nickel Iron Meteorite that fell in Northern Argentina in a place now called El Campo Del Cielo  ( the Field Of Heaven ) in Northern Argentina. This Meteorite group was discovered in 1547, although they fell to Earth 4-5000 years ago. How long they were flying through space, where they came from, we cannot know, but they do originate from the iron Cores of small planets themselves destroyed by some cosmic collision. Like Moldavite, these Meteorites then are refugees from cosmic impacts. If there is a metaphysical meaning it is escape transformation and refuge, and a rugged strength to survive ~  along with the Deep Silence of Space, a mind expanding meditation.
Face 11 x 15 mm x 13 mm high
US Ring size 6.5, AUS Size M 1/2
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