Mexican Bird's Eye Jasper Pendant, 925 Silver, r2


Mexican Bird's Eye Jasper Pendant | 925 Sterling Silver
There are literally 100s of Jaspers with different names according to their colours, bandings, patterning. This one I'd never heard of before but that circular centre ? Mexican Bird's Eye it is.
Large Oval Cabochon well set in good silver.
The Bold Colours stimulate Imagination and Creativity.
Energetically there's the usual grounding Jasper effect as consciousness is channeled into physical cells and this will also be effected by the colour but in all varieties I find a deep relaxing feeling.
In this case that relaxed state can fire up your imagination.

Face 28 x 42 mm

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Displayed on a 45 cm by 1.2 mm 925 Silver Snake chain, not included
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