Moldavite Ring, Faceted Oval, 925 Silver, r5

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 Moldavite Rings, Faceted Oval | 925 Sterling Silver
Beautiful small round faceted Moldavites bezel set in a simple elegant ring.
Raw Moldavite is a high energy stone that can instigate intense personal transformation of the Heart. Faceting however seems to internalise and refine that process of transformation. The energy seems deeper and more subtle.
Although more expensive because of the labour and material lost during the faceting process these smaller stones are still affordable.
 **These are Genuine Moldavites which I only buy from trusted suppliers. The small perfectly spherical bubbles and tadpole like "wires" are classic signs of genuine Moldavite. I spot check them with a loupe just to be sure.
To read more, about this magical stone click on the link below.
Face 6 x 8 mm diameter
US Ring Size 5, 6, 8 ~ arranged left to right in the group pic.
The individual pics are all the size 8 ring.
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