Moldavite Ring, Polished Top only, 925 Silver r1

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Ring with Raw and Polished Moldavites | 925 Sterling Silver
Love this design ~ the Moldavites are cabochon on top but left in the raw state underneath. This leads to really interesting patterns when you look through them, as you can see in the pics.
Simple but well made stepped Bezels with open backs in sturdy 925 Steling Silver.
The stones are all open backed  ~ not only so you can see both sides but also to allow the energy to flow more freely ~  and Moldavite is famous, or infamous, for it's strong and intense energy leading to personal transformation.
Lets have a look then at how this stone was formed.
About 15 million years ago, the Earth's crust was quietly doing it's thing in an area which is now called the Ries area. Then the unthinkable happened.
An enormous comet hit the Earth. The actual impact vaporised the crust ~ but in the microseconds before destruction some was melted and flung into the air in to land 100s of kms away in the Moldau Valley, Czechoslovakia, as beautiful glassy green Moldavite.
So those peaceful and unremarkable elements of the ground were instantly if traumatically given the gift of flight, albeit briefly,  and were transformed into this beautiful and rare green Obsidian.
It seems to me that when you wear this stone there's a faint echo of that birth experience as if the Universe is knocking loudly on the door of your Heart not only energising you but perhaps waking you up to your place in a greater scheme of things,
I also can't help thinking that this last microsecond escape from total annhialation to eternal beauty relates to all the times our lives have changed in a moment. Perhaps Moldavite will help those changes all be positive.

 US Ring Size 6, 7, 9 and 10
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