• Noreena Jasper Pendant | 925 Sterling Silver | West Australia Stone | Mental clarity, Memory | Find yr Direction | Crystal Heart Melbourne Australia  since 1986
  • Pendant Noreena Jasper
  • Pendant Noreena Jasper
  • Pendant Noreena Jasper

Pendant Noreena Jasper


Noreena Jasper Pendant  |  925 Sterling Silver
Australian Semiprecious Gemstone from West Australia, source of many interesting Jaspers. I bought a few slabs because I was entranced by it's geometric colours and patterns. Took a few years to get it cut, polished and set. This can be a very patient stone. My feeling is that it echos and invigorates mental cellular structure, possibly promoting mental clarity so you can achieve your goals without distracting yourself :-) Somehow it helps you navigate through your inner structure to clarify your true direction. A thousand mile journey starts with the first step !!!
Face 18 x 25 mm, drop 38 mm