Peruvian Opalina Ring, Marquise Cabochon, 925 Sterling Silver r3


Peruvian Opalina Ring, 925 Sterling Silver
This Peruvian Opalina is exceptional quality ~ rather than the familiar pale blue, the opal matrix holds a mixture of minerals which paint an entrancing picture that invokes Sky, Forest and Ocean ~ as seen from a Mountain Top.
The blue is probably Chrysocolla and maybe Amazonite or Malachite for the green.
Born high in the Andes this Opalina has a magical energy. It carries a sense of powerful yet calm strength wrapped up in deep and comforting spiritual silence. It's also a good communication and heart healing stone with a creative. Or you can just let go relax and heal.
Last year I was blessed with a plane trip that flew alongside and close to the Andes and it's an experience I'll never forget. Majesty and Power, but a Calm Strength. Also a sense of silence so powerful that the sound of the plane engines disappeared. I felt I was flying silently through a Cathedral, and this is a feeling I will always associate with Peruvian Opalina.
Bezel set in 925 Sterling Silver with open back to enable the energies to flow more freely.
Face 15 x 28 mm.
US Ring size 7.5, AUS Size O1/2
Cost in Australian Dollars 149
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