Petalite Ring, Faceted Clear Gemstone, 925 Silver kt

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Clear Petalite Ring | 925 Sterling Silver
Gem Quality Clear Petalite is very rare, so a good find here.
Beautiful Brilliant Facet, photography doesn't do it justice.
Lovely design with strong curved Bezel.
The small ring is a simple bezel set.
Notice that in the two larger rings the point underneath appears as if it will pierce the finger, but the upward curve of the band holds it just that bit higher. Also in these two the bezel is thicker and rounded.
This stone immediately calms and opens the Heart ~ the stress and shadows just fall away. Hardness is 6 ~ 6.5 so it's hard enough for a ring but you do need to take extra care not to scratch it.
We have 3 sizes of stones ~
Diameter 9 mm ~AUD $129 ~ US Size 6
Diameter 12 mm ~AUD $169 ~ US Size 6
Diameter 15 mm ~AUD $199 ~ US Size 8
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