PMJ1 Pendant Laser Herkimer

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Star Chakra Pendant - Laser Lemurian Quartz & Herkimer Diamond in 925 Sterling Silver.

When I first started with Crystals there was a big debate about which way the Crystal should point. Downwards for grounding, upwards for higher connection but less grounding. In the end, crystals pointing both ways (called double Terminators) became most popular. Decades later I came up with this alternative answer. The Laser Lemurian really tethers your consciousness to the physical while the the Herkimer  (also Quartz, Diamond refers to the shape) represents the Star Chakra which is situated above the Crown Chakra and connects us to Universal Consciouness. This piece is all about Empowerment of Conscious Will in Tune with the Universe. A Perfect catalyst for Spiritual AND physical work.

Laser 65 mm long, Drop 105 mm