Prehnite Ring, Oval Cab, 925 Silver p4


Prehnite Ring Oval Cabochon | 925 Sterling silver.     
" See through the Eye of the Heart "
From Australia, this soft yellow green stone is growing in popularity. Lovely setting from Paul's workshops with the usual nice touches ~ cambered shank for easier fitting & besel curves underneath for comfortable wearing. Satin finish on the Shank.
  Prehnite uplifts and refreshes your Heart's Energy in such a loving way that old patterns and inner clutter can be dropped with ease. That open Heart also aids in opening the mind and some people report psychic abilities awakening ~ but this is due to the Heart's intuition and ability to see below the surface. All round a lovely soft stone to nurture the soul as it find's it's path.
To see through the Eye of the Heart is an old Sufi saying that becomes a way of life. Prehnite seems to sum it up perfectly.
 Face 15 x 22 mm, US Ring Size 7.5