Peruvian Opalina Ring, 925 Sterling Silver p2


Peruvian Opalina Ring, 925 Sterling Silver
Super example of a rare stone we've never had before.
It's called Opalina because although the same family as Opal it doesn't have the same characteristic play of colours.
Classic Peruvian Opal is a fairly uniform light blue shade which has never attracted me. This Oalina though has lots happening inside. The blue is probably Chrysocolla and maybe Amazonite or Malachite for the green. These inclusions create a magical and interesting Mountain Scape.
Born high in the Andes this Opalina has an extraordinary energy.
Last year I was blessed with a plane trip that flew alongside and close to the Andes and it's an experience I'll never forget. Majesty and Power, but a Calm Strength. Also a sense of silence so powerful that the sound of the plane engines disappeared. I felt I was flying silently through a Cathedral !
Can it be a coincidence that Paul was selecting the raw material at about the same time ?
Anyway, that sense of powerful yet calm strength wrapped up in spiritual silence is predominant for me in this Opalina. It's also a good communication and heart healing stone with a creative imagination too.

Super quality silver smithing from Paul's workshop. Although it's stamped 925 Sterling Silver, it's actually 95% pure meaning a brighter finish and less cleaning required. Classic Bezel Setting, the band is generously wide and hand molded to fit smoothly into the face.
Face 18 x 21 mm. US Ring size 7.5, AUS Size O 1/2

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