Rhodochrosite Earrings, Cabochon Oval, 925 Silver g1

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Rhodochrosite Earrings | Oval Cabochon | 925 Sterling Silver
You don't often see Rhodochrosite Earrings because it's hard to match a pair. These are beautiful so I snapped them up. Well made with secure lever hooks ( see hint below ) 
You've got the ideal salmon pink coloring, good translucency and characteristic white veining. The Energy is compassionate & loving with a hint of red that engenders passion. With the white lines of Consciousness to activate the highest, no wonder they say that this stone infuses your Aura with a golden white light which can help dreams become real. Enjoy !
Face 14 x 18 mm, Drop 36 mm
* Face = Stone plus silver Besel. Measurements within 1 mm
** Hint. If the hooks get a little loose, which is normal after time, just bend the horizontal bar downwards a fraction so they click securely.