Ruby Ring, Cabochon Oval, 925 Silver, g1


Ruby Ring | Large Oval Cabochon | 925 Sterling Silver.
Rubies can be very expensive so I was really glad to find this range on a recent overseas trip. The stones are large & a nice pink red, with lovely translucency. A cut above the cheaper Matrix Rubies, but still affordable. These gemstones are from Kanchanaburi in Thailand. The mines there were closed in the 70s and this material has only just resurfaced. In the interests of transparency (no pun intended) these natural crystals do contain a small amount of imperfections which have been glass filled by a special process. This is invisible and permanent and does not detract from the lovely Ruby Energy ~
* Lion Hearted Leo Stone
* Enhances Personality and Charisma
* Warms and Sustains the Heart, especially when dealing with people.
* Energetically both excites and relaxes the Heart, while remaining centred.
Face 16 x 20 mm Height 8 mm, US Ring Size 6
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