Rutilated Quartz Ring | 925 Silver K2


Rutilated Quartz Ring | 925 Sterling Silver
Lovely Oval Cabochon of Golden Rutilated Quartz, also known as Angel's Hair.  I love the antique setting ~ maybe because as a Child in a museum I was enraptured by an ancient druidic ball of Rutilated Quartz set in silver to hang from a belt. Ever since then I regard this slightly smoky version as a stone of Antiquity. This stone really can spark creative imagination and connection. It's also a Crown Chakra stone and helps to break you out of mental patterns and energise you in new directions. Rutile is Titanium Dioxide ~ growing  naturally inside clear Quartz ( Silicon Dioxide. ) 
Stone 16 x 25 mm , US Size 10
* measurements accurate to 1 mm. Face = Stone plus Besel.