Shattuckite Ring, Oval Stone, 925 Silver kt1


Shattuckite Ring Oval Cabochon | 925 Sterling Silver

Nicely made ring with Silver Rope Work and Copper Bronze and Silver detail. The ring also has an adjustable band which is actually quite comfortable. If you need to adjust the size, hold the band in your fingers, don't pull the face upwards.

Initially discovered in the Shattuck Mine in California hence it's name.  More recently lovely examples have been found in the Congo. The colour of Shattuckite is a bright blue but can vary through turquoise to dark blue. Along with the Shattuckite one can find Cuprite, Chrysocolla, Anjoite, Chalcocite and Malachite so it can be hard to define sometimes ! Metaphysically, this stone can slice through Karmic Debt to release your inner truth & encourage it's expression. Shattuckite always leads to the highest Truth or Wisdom so it’s excellent for channeling. An all round uplifting healing stone that pulls your being into this present moment.

Stone 19 x 26 mm, Face 21 x 29 mm, US Size Adjustable 8.5 > 10
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