Smoky Citrine Pendant, 925 Silver mj1


Pendant Citrine / Smoky Quartz Faceted Oval | 925 Sterling Silver
Lovely Large Gemstone here ~ from some angles it looks like Citrine, from others Smoky, so it has some of the properties of both. A mellow energy which relaxes you into the physical base Chakra whilst still gently activating the Plexus. The stone has a checkerboard cut, perfect for it's domed shape. I gave this one to Paul for setting, and he's done his usual excellent work. The half Besels above and below hold the stone strongly without overshadowing it. This stone also needs a deep setting otherwise it would roll around from side to side on your chest, but Paul has cut out panels here to allow more light to sparkle through the stone.
Face 26 x 33 mm, 17 mm high
Displayed in a 3 mm by 45 cm Belcher chain, not included