Tanzanite Ring | Faceted Oblong | 925 Silver p3


Genuine Tanzanite Ring Faceted Oblong | 925 Sterling Silver.
Tanzanite is a rare stone only found in a small section on the foot hills of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. It's always been one of my favourites so I sought out these beauties at an overseas gem show as no one was making our sort of Jewllery with this quality stone. This large stone has a really beautiful blue~violet fire and excellent transparency. I just love the colour, which seems to open your soul wide and inspire it to evolve higher. There are indeed some inclusions, but to me these add more of that soul. Some of these sparkle as if there is a galaxy inside.
I held these large higher grade stones back to be set by Paul ~  our most highly evolved Jeweller :-) who really understands working with these special stones.  There's pure silver round the besel to ensure a seamless fit, and it's also curved underneath to ensure a more comfortable fit on the finger. They really are exceptional stones ~ do come into the shop to view if possible.
Stone 8 ct. Face 11.5 x 14 mm, US Size 9
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