Tanzanite Ring, Raw Nugget and Herkimer Diamond, 925 Silver r4

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Genuine Tanzanite Nugget with Herkimer Ring | 925 Sterling Silver.
Lovely Clear Rough Nugget Classic Violet Blue shade.
Combined with a special little Herkimer Diamond ( a special high vibration Quartz Variety )
Simple Claw setting, open backed.
The energy of Tanzanite inspires you to reach your highest spiritual potential ~ which especially includes our daily work and worries. Thankfully it has the fortunate ability to transform that sometimes arduous climb from drudgery to joy. Although you may climb that inner mountain alone, with this Stone don't feel alone.
Hence I've found Tanzanite can really reduce the stress of personal responsibility that is so easy to take on.
Herkimer gives heaps of clarity and direction to that climb.
Face ( both Stones )  10 x 19 mm,
US Ring Size 8, AUS Size P1/2
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