Tibetan Bells

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Tibetan Bells 
Tibetan bells vibrate a beautiful healing sound.
They have been used for thousands of years, helping reduce stress, deepen your relaxation, bringing clarity of mind, cleansing your crystals & home of negative energies, along with so much more.

Here in store, we use the Tibetan Bells for energetically cleansing crystals, as well as marking the beginning and ending of a Reiki Healing session.
How to use
Hold the bells, close your eyes and center yourself.  Holding the strings of the bells,  gently 'ding' them together. Repeating the intention to yourself to remove unwanted vibrations or energies from the crystal (for example). Repeat three times, or until you feel the energetic shift. Remember, you need to focus on your intention & what you are putting out into the universe, the bells will aid the cleansing and intention.

These singing bells come in three sizes -
Small - Approx 50mm in diameter per bell
Medium - Approx 60 mm diameter per bell
Large - Approx 80 mm diameter per bell
We love singing bells and always use them in the shop.
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