Trolleite Pendant, Cabochon Oblong, 925 Sterling Silver r2

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Trolleite Pendant 925 Sterling Silver

Originally discovered in Sweden in 1868  and a 'new' stone on the scene which is always exciting. Essentially it's a rare Aluminium Phosphate, a translucent blue to green. Sometimes a deeper blue if Scorzalite and/or Lazulite is present. As we see here, the Trolleite is often found included in Quartz. This is indeed a lovely specimen with good translucency and delicate blue inclusions. Sturdy stepped Bezel with open back.

As I was going off on a buying trip it was an easy decision to wear some Trolleite throughout and be aware of any new thoughts and perceptions that arose. I always like to form my own impressions before I read about others. I was really quite shocked as I disembarked at Bangkok Airport to find I'd suddenly grown a whole new calm confidence and trust in my body and hence my self which had been lacking for a long time.
When I read what others say, that this is a high vibration ascension stone promoting the connection between you and your inner self and developing a new mind set ~ well, the language is different but to me the meaning  is exactly the same.
This stone can subtly shift your perceptions in a sometimes dramatic way leading to a more wholistic and integrated sense of being.
It's not just about emotional support but a higher vision of self.

Face 21 x 35 mm.
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm 925 Silver Belcher Chain, not included
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