Tsavorite Garnet Ring, Faceted Round, 925 Silver p1


Tsavorite Garnet, Faceted Round, 925 Sterling Silver
This is a lovely Green Tsavorite Garnet ~ gem quality examples like this are really quite rare and expensive ~ but what a stunning Green !
Only discovered in 1967 this stone does look like Emerald but it is much brighter, harder and less included.
Energetically it has all the stimulating centering and connecting qualities of regular Garnet but is an uplifting Heart Healer too ~ oh and 1967 was the year of the first Heart Transplant ~ I love these coincidences !
Quality silver setting from Paul ~ even such a simple style is better when made well.
Face 6 mm  US  Size 7.5, UK Size O 1/2
* Face = Stone plus silver border  ** measurements accurate to 1 mm
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