Variscite Ring, Oval Cabochon, 925 Silver p1


Variscite Ring, Oval Cabochon, 925 Sterling Silver
Variscite is a fairly rare stone ~ mostly found in America but this is from Queensland in Australia. The cabochon here a particularly nice piece ~ a lovely intense green with just a few swirls of slightly lighter shades. Beautiful workmanship from Paul once again ~ pure silver is used around the besel to ensure a seamless fit and the band is smoothed into the besel quite beautifully.
Energetically this is relaxing and grounding stone for the Heart ~ but it's also really focused and empowering ~ the message is that you CAN do it, and in doing so overcome self imposed limitations.
Face 16 x 20 mm, US Ring Size 6.5, UK M.5
Displayed on a 45 cm by 1.2 mm 925 Silver snake chain, not included
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** Star Sign Stone for Gemini, Scorpio and Taurus