Amethyst Flower Pendant, Stalactite Slice, 925 Silver S4


Amethyst Stalactites are so called because they form around an agate core within the Amethyst Geode. Sometimes you can see a regular Amethyst Cluster with such a spiky protrusion growing out of it which is still covered with Amethyst Crystals. The real magic happens when you slice them through to reveal, to my eyes, a crystal flower with Amethyst leaves. They are actually pretty rare ~ the best come from Uruguay, already famous for it's beautiful deep " Imperial Purple " Amethyst deposits, and this one is a fine example.

The properties of the Amethyst remain the same ~ a meditative spiritual purifying energy which transcends all opposites ( Purple is comprised of Red and Blue, Fire and Water ) but by hugging an Agate Core there's more a feeling of personal protection and centering. Many say these pieces are excellent for sleep.

Or you can just appreciate them for their unique beauty !

approx Face 32 x 81 mm
Cost in Australian Dollars 399
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm Belcher chain, not supplied
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