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Recent Articles

Silver Chains for Pendants
October 20, 2016

Well it's been a plothole easily overlooked over the years :-)  We sell so many pendants on the website, and in the shop we've got a huge range of chains. We just never uploaded them so you can see them...

Really Feel I've landed now !
October 10, 2016

Wow it's been a massive 3 weeks since I returned from my trip. Sadly the lovely Alex left, so there were a few tears there. We all miss her but wish her well in her new career. We had another...

Back Home
September 21, 2016

.... and Melbourne welcomes me with Winter Weather AND Hay Fever ! That's just not right ! I warmed myself up with rather too much Dewar's 12 yo, a gem amongst whiskies :-) so yesterday was a bit of a...

Last Days in Thailand
September 16, 2016

All good things come to an end :-) and what have I been doing in my last Full day here in Bangkok ? Uploading new Jewellery for you ! Aquamarine, Heliodor, and some amazing " Pigeon's Blood " raw ruby...