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The Crystal Heart Story

So how did we begin ? They say a thousand mile journey begins with the first step ~ which is valid in that you do have to take that first step ! But I feel my life experience has added an inner meaning ~ that if your first step is taken for the right reasons, then that journey will be successful.
Let's backtrack to where I began. Born in UK, a fairly normal kid, except for feeling connected, having a big imagination, communing with Trees, etc. All of which I kept secret. Tried to be normal, got to Uni, studied Geochemistry at King's hated the maths and dropped out. Got a degree in Computers and Cybernetics at Canterbury, vowed I'd never work in computers again, but got a job as a seismologist for an Oil Exploration Company in the Middle East. Now all this time I'd been studying Tarot, reading Philosophy like Chardin, Blavatsky, Krishnamurti. Writing mystical poetry, teaching myself Yoga. Typical Scientist, right ? Bit of a conflict here between science and psyche ! So there I am in a red neck crew in Abu Dhabi, fitting in haha,  which led me to take my next leave in India to please the old Hippy hidden inside. The first day in Mumbai shook all my Western Values to the core. Beggars on streets happier than westerners in luxury cars. Then Goa, which was fun ( in the 70s it was still the 60s ) where I met some Aussie Nurses practising Yoga and bound for Pune to study with Iyangar who had his school there. On the train I met a S.African Psychologist dressed in red and had a great conversation and a life changing suggestion that I should check out the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Ashram as being a better fit for me. He was right ! I didn't feel comfortable at Iyengar's place, so popped into said Ashram and literally had my mind blown ! This Bhagwan, now known as Osho was an intellectual spiritual Iconoclast. Now I really had no time at all for cults but this guy made sense, and he made it beautifully. What I learned there would be a book in itself. Suffice it to say that this awesome Guru taught me Meditation, release from conditioning and opened me to the mysterious world of Energy. In short he firmly put me on the Path. I've total gratitude for that magical year and all the love I felt, but my path turned out to be a little more independent, I left Pune( by divine accident the same day Bhagwan left for America ) and moved to McCleod Ganj in the Himalayas where the Dalai Lama lives. This place was as magical as Pune ~ now I learned the power of Tibetan Buddhism and perhaps more importantly the power of crystals ! I could have stayed there forever as well but life, as they say, had other plans.
After another year of meditation to integrate this enormous period of change I arrived in Perth wondering how on earth I could support myself. How I could run my own business, as it were, with minimal investment, in a way that also helped people. Hmmmm. Oh ! I can read Tarot !! So next weekend I was up at the Subiaco Car Park Market with hand painted sign and my trusty Tarot Pack. That was successful from the beginning so we bought a small permanent stall and decided to sell things we were into. The whole concept took off. We never looked back, as the story goes, and that's how Crystal Heart began. So my first step was for the right reasons. I had no idea it would end in this awesome business of Crystal Heart. It's still the same path. We care for our staff and customers as family. Because we're all on the same journey.

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