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Recent Articles

Thanks for the support, Amigos
August 05, 2016

Wow. Back in '86 I made a powerful life decision to go read Tarot in a local Market in Perth. After all what else could a guy with an honours degree in Computers and Cybernetics and a c.v. as a...

Scintillating Citrine :-)
July 30, 2016

Can't believe I'm STILL sorting through my massive haul of Jewellery from the last trip ! Today I uploaded a lovely bag of CUT CITRINE RINGS They're all large showy stones, perfect for Leos :-) I've started putting the ring...

Serene Seraphinite
July 22, 2016

Well if someone said they'd bought you some Clinochlore you'd probably be thinking of cleaning compounds :-) which must be why the green variety is called Seraphinite ! Well it does have that Serene Angelic quality, plus it does a...

July 07, 2016

In Ancient Days at the Heart, long before this website was born, I'd come back from a trip with my Pirate's Chest of Silver and Gems and it would all be priced and shoved out on the shelves at record...