• Shopping Marathon Begins

    Wow, here I am back in Bangkok. It was a great holiday ~ like a health farm in terms of working out and healthy food, but also a happy farm with evenings out and some lovely cocktails :-) But now it's work time. That holiday mode has been neatly amputated. I love that old saying ~ Wherever you go... View Post
  • We all need a break !

    Wahay !  I'm writing these words from Sunny Thailand ~ Just Like Melbourne it's gone from baking hot to raining and cloudy the last few days :-) I've had a perfect week just gym, swim, nap, eat well, bed early . . . . with a few relaxing drinks :-)  It took me a long time to appreciate the true v... View Post
  • Getting stuck in to 2018 ?

    Hi Everyone, and hoping you're all finding your feet in this New Year. After 3 frantic months of running around and uploading I'll be glad to take the weight off mine a little bit ! But there's still some nice pieces trickling through. Recently I uploaded some lovely Star Rubies with really nice ... View Post
  • Another Year Over

    Hi Everyone ! Sorry it's been a long time but I've been catching up on my sleep after an intense month ! Anyway, wishing you all a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR  !!! 2017 as a "one" year wasn't bad but I did find it very intense and demanding. I really felt under the Cosmic Spotlight and put myself un... View Post
  • I "expressed" this in a mail out and on FB, but just realised I didn't blog it. We had a couple of late deliveries last Christmas, and that can be a real disappointment, so all orders this week will be automatically upgraded to Express post at no extra charge. Personally I've had a stressful few ... View Post
  • Still more new pieces . . . .

    Hi Everyone I can hardly believe it's Saturday again !only 2 weeks to Christmas ! and I'm STILL uploading lovely new jewels. Although the pile has diminished there's still a lot to go. Working backwards, there's a lot of new Moonstone, and I had a lovely time with some new Garnets of different co... View Post
  • Saturday Blog on Sunday !

    Melbourne is famous for it's changeable weather but this week it really outdid itself with 4 days of sweltering heat followed by a sudden return to Winter with cold weather, record rainfalls and flooding. Suffice it to say that this has slowed down the upload race, but we are back on track now. C... View Post
  • Hi Everyone well I can hardly believe we're back to another Saturday ! Hope you are all well and had a good week. By which I mean even if there were some negatives you learned from them. For me it's been a weird week with intense dreams which have really challenged me to affirm my goals and sense... View Post