• We're Still Here !

    Hi Everyone and hope this blog finds you well. I can hardly believe it's been 6  months since my last Saturday night contribution ! Those powerful stones I uploaded 6 months ago certainly proved their powers and looking back it was a big wake up call for my life in general. I won;t bore you with ... View Post
  • Hey Everyone and I hope you're all doing well. This has been a week of intense uploads of powerful stones ~ Moldavite, Tourmaline and Meteorite. I've worked with these stones for decades, but when I describe them I give them my full attention. I look at each piece with great intent and ask ' Who ... View Post
  • Back Home ( again )

    Hi everyone and hope you're all keeping well. I'm back again from another overseas trip but this time it was purely a holiday. As a customer recently said, I do have the travel bug ! I bought a ticket to Colombia to get together with my long time partner. We were going to holiday on our favourite... View Post
  • Last Night in Bangkok :)

    Well here I am back in Bangkok nearing the end of another buying trip. It's been a lot of work as always but this time I grabbed a few days at the beginning just to chill, eat, work out and grab a daily massage ! This time I thought I was being smart by ordering a lot before the trip, some of whi... View Post
  • Bangkok Blues and Brights

    Sorry for the clickbait Title, but it was how I feel tonight ! OK the weather made me blue, but the gems I buy are always bright. I went out for a massage early so I could write this blog. A good massage too, strong enough to move the knots without me screaming in pain. During it the Heavens open... View Post
  • Hi Everyone and I sincerely hope you're all well. It's been a tough time for many I know as we slowly recover from lock downs whilst enduring extreme weather where we may have hoped for sunny skies ! Testing Times however are also opportunities for Growth, so my best wishes to all of you in your ... View Post
  • Hi Everyone and I hope you're all well ~ and if not, have some support. Yes I finally contracted Covid. Yay ! Natural immunity ! Plus I was feeling left out ( it's a Leo thing ) I was just abnormally tired two Mondays ago so I gave myself a RAT only to find a thick positive exclamation mark. Mond... View Post
  • Back from Thailand

    Hi everyone and hope you're all well. Again, apologies for my infrequent blogging lately but TBH with all the stress of business through lock down plus 3 major surgeries in 12 months I have been somewhat fatigued ! Good news is that now everything has settled down I feel heaps better than before.... View Post