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New Website

Hi Everyone and hope you're all well. Yes we have a new website that we've been working on for a few weeks and I hope you like it. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated of course, as I have the IT team for at least the next 3 months to make any changes. We all loved the old website but the change was forced on us in order to keep up with changes in Google. We've tried to keep it as close as possible to the original. Hopefully this one will be operate more quickly and smoothly. It's been an intense start to the New Year. Many customers have had a similar experience of ' Tying up Loose End...

We're Still Here !

Hi Everyone and hope this blog finds you well. I can hardly believe it's been 6  months since my last Saturday night contribution ! Those powerful stones I uploaded 6 months ago certainly proved their powers and looking back it was a big wake up call for my life in general. I won;t bore you with all the details, but I completely changed my diet to cure a long standing auto immune problem that suddenly became serious and re negotiated my lease before it was due with much more favourable terms. So Crystal Heart is good for another decade and I feel rejuvenated to take that on. Business has be...

Too much Crystal Power !

Hey Everyone and I hope you're all doing well. This has been a week of intense uploads of powerful stones ~ Moldavite, Tourmaline and Meteorite. I've worked with these stones for decades, but when I describe them I give them my full attention. I look at each piece with great intent and ask ' Who are you, and What do you really Do ? ' or ' I get you, but what do my customers need to know ? ' then I'm lost down a rabbit hole until I find the words that release me - and in the meantime I'm absorbing all those energies. So I hope you appreciate the descriptions 'cos they've really made for an i...

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Back Home ( again )

Hi everyone and hope you're all keeping well. I'm back again from another overseas trip but this time it was purely a holiday. As a customer recently said, I do have the travel bug ! I bought a ticket to Colombia to get together with my long time partner. We were going to holiday on our favourite Island of San Andreas but the hotel prices were so much more expensive, and I said that we could get good hotels in Paris for less. Uh Oh, Light Bulb Moment, she's had a picture of the Eiffel Tower wall since before I met her. Fares were surprisingly affordable, so we decided to go there instead an...

Last Night in Bangkok :)

Well here I am back in Bangkok nearing the end of another buying trip. It's been a lot of work as always but this time I grabbed a few days at the beginning just to chill, eat, work out and grab a daily massage ! This time I thought I was being smart by ordering a lot before the trip, some of which I'm still uploading. This way I thought I would not buy so much overseas, ignoring those famous Lennon words - life is what's happening while you're making other plans. I've ended up spending quite a lot more than usual ! Firstly I bought a lot of the new range of finer Jewellery ~  a nice fusion...

Bangkok Blues and Brights

Sorry for the clickbait Title, but it was how I feel tonight ! OK the weather made me blue, but the gems I buy are always bright. I went out for a massage early so I could write this blog. A good massage too, strong enough to move the knots without me screaming in pain. During it the Heavens opened with a massive thunderstorm, so for a while I was in Heaven as it's always good to be warm and cozy inside when the rain is pouring down outside. Afterwards I ran back to my room. This is always fun. I love the raw elements, I even sang a few strains of 'Singing in the Rain' (without the dancing)...
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