Smoky Quartz

A variety of Quartz crystal ranging in color from light to dark brown to black ( also called Morion )Smoky Quartz is a base chakra stone. It awakens your physical cellular consciousness. For a long period setting up this shop I'd been working long intense hours and suffered migraines. Working with Smoky, my physical consciousness woke up and kept sending me to sleep ! Well, that's what my body needed. As I realised what was going on and learned how to listen to my body I was able to slow down when needed. Haven't had a migraine in 20 years since. So this is a wonderful stone for raising consciousness of the physical and learning to deal with stress. It helps with grounding and clarity on all levels.

As your connection to your physical body becomes more conscious you find you are also much more capable in dealing with negative energies from any source - other people, the electromagnetic environment etc.