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Magic Aura Smudge Sticks

Magic Aura Smudge Sticks. Handmade, organic and locally made in Victoria, the Magic Aura Smudge Sticks have been popular amongst our customers for many...
from $12.95

Palo Santo ~ Holy Wood

Palo Santo ~ Holy Wood Originating from Peru, Palo Santo assists with cleansing, balancing and grounding your energy - as well possessing a wholesome...
from $3.95

Loose Leaf White Sage

Californian Loose Leaf White Sage Sustainably harvested, this loose leaf White Sage is perfect for cleansing your home.  Smudging is an ancient practice used...
from $6.95
Charcoal Discs | Swift Lite | Light easily to burn solid incense | Censor | Rolls of 10 available | Genuine Gems from Crystal Heart Melbourne Australia since 1986

Charcoal Discs

Charcoal Discs *** Please Note that Swiftlite is temporarily unavailable, we are currently supplying the 'Thee Kings' Brand instead Sold in rolls of 10,...

White Sage Smudge Stick

White Sage Smudge Stick Designed to cleanse and remove unwanted or stagnant energies from your space, these smudge sticks and bundled together and designed...
from $14.95

Resin ~ Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon's Blood

Resin PacksDragons Blood - 10g PacketMyrrh - 25g PacketFrankincense - 30g Packet Cost in AUD $9.95 Charcoal Discs Availble Here More Smudging Tools Here*...
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