Found only on the foothills of romantic Mt Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world, rearing from the burning plains to it's snow capped peak.

Physically, Tanzanite is a variety of Zoisite (a calcium aluminium hydroxy silicate ) It's colour is a blue purple with an unseen hint of red. It's a member of the orthorhombic family. It's hardness is 6.5 - a bit softer than quartz but still easy to facet and OK to wear as Jewellery. It was only discovered in 1967 and is extremely rare.

Metaphysically Tanzanite is a very special stone which helps us to achieve our peak of evolutionary potential. It's blue purple colour with a touch of activating red giving a violet shade enables it to open 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras which brings a more spiritual vision to our life and sense of it's direction in the more Universal scheme of things.

This is especially important when feeling stressed and trapped in life. The Higher vision that Tanzanite can bring reminds us that this life is merely a mirror reflecting our inner struggle to evolve into who we were meant to be. This sense of direction, goal orientation, ability to deal with stress, means it is often spoken of as ideal for people in positions of responsibility for others especially those needing creative solutions. Indeed it is - but the higher truth is that we are all responsible for our own lives and growth .

The most fabulous gift of Tanzanite is that through it's vibration we can recover our sense of direction and purpose and Joy returns to our life and work ! All those stress causing repetitive problems suddenly become absorbing and rewarding challenges which we enjoy tackling.

It's a very special stone for anyone with a spiritual practice - be it Yoga, Meditation, prayer or other - and especially useful for those who teach.