Chakra Collection

Chakra Jewelry is not only beautiful - each gemstone has been selected to resonate with one of your seven Chakras or energy centres because when these are all open and flowing, you feel empowered centred and whole.
Chakras aren't really mysterious. They are all centres of feeling that we are well aware of.
In ascending order the chakras are
1. Root Chakra, base of spine ~ Red Garnet. This is the "Fight or Flight" centre. In life threatening situations something else takes over and we are energised to respond without thinking.  2. Sacral Chakra, Lower Abdomen and genitals ~ Orange Carnelian. We're all aware of sexual desire and how it can be channeled into creativity.
3. Plexus, just above Diaphragm ~ Yellow Citrine. I always think of butterflies in the stomach or the way our breathing changes in confrontations. 
  4. Heart Chakra ~ Green Peridot. Yes, pink is the colour of love, but green is more concerned with the vitality of the heart.
  5. Throat Chakra ~ Blue Topaz, Turquoise, any Sky Blue Stone because this represents the air through which we communicate. Conscious use of the Throat eg through toning, can activate and focus all our chakras.
    6. Third Eye ~ Indigo Iolite ( Water Sapphire ) Most often experienced when studying or other intense mental focus, but also active in dreams and visualisations ~ a higher form of thought.
7. Crown Chakra ~ Violet Amethyst, the Spiritual Stone, connecting us beyond ego to the Universe of Consciousness of which we are a part.
Personally I add Black stones for the Earth Chakra between our feet, and Clear or Rutile Quartz for the Star or Transpersonal Chakra which lies above our Crown.
The Chakra System is Ancient and to me the basis of Native Psychology because who we are depends very much on which of our chakras are open or blocked.
This is the most popular system as it follows the colours of the Rainbow, and these are most popular faceted gemstones for Chakra Jewellery ~   but all stones work with Chakras, depending on their colour. Turquoise, for example, being Sky Blue is also good for the Throat Chakra