PHYSICALLY - Azurite is a hydrous copper carbonate, fairly soft (3.5-4 ) It forms in light blue nodules or brilliant deep blue or indigo crystals. Very often subsequent hydration transforms Azurite into Malachite so the two are often found together. Sometimes through a similar process one finds a naturally occurring conglomeration of Azurite, Turquoise, and Malachite which is called Chrysocolla.

METAPHYSICALLY - Azurite is possibly the best stone for opening the 3rd eye and your inner vision. Peaceful calming and inspiring, it relax the mind so deeply that your soul can be felt rising from the depths to give your Heart it’s blessing. This brings a sense of rebirth of your deeper and truer self that washes away outmoded belief systems along with old stored angers and tensions. When I’m working with Azurite it’s as though I’m just breathing Bliss in and Contentment out. The soul is naturally healthy, wholesome and complete so actually Azurite transcends the need for healing and protection. This is a good space for study and any creative activity !