Clear Quartz Cluster, Madagascar, Perfect Points

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 Clear Quartz Cluster
Lovely Large Clear Quartz Cluster from Madagascar, home of some wonderful specimens.  A nice balanced shape with some larger well formed points including a window and a time bridge. Some self healing crystals underneath.The crystals are extremely clear with perfect points. The surface of the top faces have an extraordinary pattern ~ At first sight I assumed they were record keeper triangles but they're not. Some remind me very much of ripples in the sand when the tide goes out. Maybe that gives this cluster an unusual heart warming feeling.
This is a perfect piece to inspire the imagination under the cleat conscious light og the Quartz.
Clear Quartz opens your Crown Chakra and connects you to your higher self, allowing for messages and healing energy to channel through you. It's also a tremendous inspiration for the imagination ~ to me, a balanced piece like this is a complete whole.
It represents a whole continent with each crystal a different continent. In my minds' eye I can travel throughout, writing a story as I go.
Or, contemplating a difficult choice, each crystal can represent a different outcome, all parts of the same whole.
However it strikes you, this is a piece that inspires you to think outside the box.
Approx Dimensions of the Cluster ~
135 x 80 x 70 mm
Weight 627 gms
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