Green Aventurine Ring, Teardrop Cabochon, 925 Silver r3

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A deep green Teardrop Cabochon of Green Aventurine with the classic sparkles created by the flakes of Mica that grew with the stone.
Simple setting with a strong bezel handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver, and open backed to allow the energies to flow more freely with yours.
The name derives from the Italian 'A Ventura' meaning 'Lucky Chance' and derives from the lucky discovery of Aventurine Glass in the 17th Century.
Green Aventurine is actually a Micro crystalline Quartz or Chalcedony containing Chrome Green Fuschite hence it's colour. Fuschite is also a variety of Mica hence those sparkling platelets that are typical of this stone.

This stone works primarily on the Plexus Chakra ~ encouraging deeper more natural breathing and all the health benefits accruing from that. It also helps to cleanse the physical Heart, and hence It's commonly called the 'All Round Healer'
I've always seen this stone as one of personal power in the sense of being your natural self and maintaining natural and centred breathing even in stressful situations.
This darker green variety works the same but it's more focused and motivational.
Face 14 mm x 19 mm
US Size 9.5 ,  AUS Size T1/2
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