Clear Quartz Cluster from Madagascar, 02

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Madagascan Clear Quartz Cluster
Clear Quartz forms as 6 sided or hexagonal crystals with normally a single point at the top which is also called the termination.
This is a lovely example of a clear Quartz Cluster from Madagascar.
The Cluster is nicely balanced and the Crystals also are well formed. They are also a little bit milky which creates a more relaxing effect.
Whether it's bought as part of a collection or for something more, this is always a stimulating and inspiring focus of your attention.
Despite being in my 4th decade of working with Crystals, I've never lost that sense of wonder that these beautiful shapes are entirely a product of Nature.
Metaphysically, Clear Quartz represents White Light or Pure Consciousness. It amplifies pure thought which you can then direct however you want. Theoretically then it can work like any other Crystal Type. If you combine it with any other gemstone, it will simply amplify the energy of the stone. That's why it's called a Master Crystal and sometimes the 'King of the Mineral World.'
Clear Quartz opens the Crown Chakra, connecting you to your higher self and your intuition. 

Approx Dimensions of the Cluster ~
130 x 80 x 60mm high
Weight, 1.2Kg

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