Amethyst Flower Pendant, Stalactite Slice, 925 Silver kt4


Amethyst Stalactites are so called because they form around an agate core within the Amethyst Geode. Sometimes you can see a regular Amethyst Cluster with such a spiky protrusion growing out of it which is still covered with Amethyst Crystals. The real magic happens when you slice them through to reveal, to my eyes, a crystal flower with Amethyst leaves. They are actually pretty rare ~ the best come from Uruguay, already famous for it's beautiful deep " Imperial Purple " Amethyst deposits, and this one is a fine example.

Fabulous design and workmanship from Julio using high quality Silver. and 3 strong claws holding it securely. The Amethyst Flower is held in place by a perfectly engineered cap.This is  linked to a horizontal pipe with detailed ends, and this connects to the bail via silver arc with spiral ends. It's a beautiful and unique statement and talking point. To me it's an example of Steam Punk because of the combination of Science and Art

The picture on my palm was taken outside in sunlight, the rest in a light box with daylight fluoros, this way you can get the best idea of it's appearance.

The properties of the Amethyst remain the same ~ a meditative spiritual purifying energy which transcends all opposites ( Purple is comprised of Red and Blue, Fire and Water ) but by hugging an Agate Core there's more a feeling of personal protection and cemtering. Many say these pieces are excellent for sleep.

Or you can just appreciate them for their unique beauty !

Face 42 x 31 mm
Cost in Australian Dollars 249
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm Belcher chain, not supplied
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