Amethyst Pyramid 01


Amethyst Pyramid
The Pyramid Shape is wonderful for pulling spiritual energy down into the Material Plane, so it really grounds that energy into reality.
Looking from the side it's a spiritual triangle connecting us to higher or universal consciousness, but from the base it represents the material square that helps to manifest your spiritual consciousness into reality.
Whilst the shape does have many other attributes, it's practicality seems most important in normal life. I always have one in my desk to maintain the connection between inspiration  and practicality.
It's a perfect shape to combine Active and Passive Meditation.
This is very interesting material as well - lots happening inside.

Amethyst is a very Spiritual Stone. It's naturally meditative and has a purifying energy. Most importantly to me the colour Purple is made by combining Red and Blue which symbolise Masculine and Feminine, Fire And Water. These are Polar Opposites, yet in Amethyst they find a beautiful union that contains both yet transcends both. An attitude this world needs more than ever.

Base approx
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